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FAGOR AUTOMATION is present worldwide through their own 24 branch offices and more than 40 distributors. This company offers its customers a full-fledged high-quality before-sale and after-sale service thanks to a highly-motivated, highly-qualified and highly-experienced team of professionals to attend to any need that may come up.




FAGOR AUTOMATION works hand in hand with its customers ensuring the best solution for any application the customer may need and expect.




Customer support


FAGOR AUTOMATION provides its customers with non-stop support through email, telephone and fax. A team of professionals makes sure that no request, question or complaint goes unattended.


equipo técnico



A team of highly qualified technicians from FAGOR AUTOMATION is by the customer's side during the setup of the product ensuring the proper performance of the products and cooperating with him in the adjustment of the machines in order to obtain the expected result.




Just as important as machine's full performance is to minimize machine idle time. For any problem the customer is faced with any of our products, FAGOR AUTOMATION provides an excellent technical team for fast and efficient service. The goal is to provide a versatile maintenance service, both for repairing a part or replacing it.


FAGOR AUTOMATION offers service at the customer's: "On site service" as well as at their own facilities: "In House Repair Service".


When repairing at FAGOR AUTOMATION, facilities, any repaired product, before it is returned to the customer, is subject to comprehensive tests to ensure the reliability of the repair. Also, FAGOR AUTOMATION offers an exchange service that the customer may use to have his defective unit quickly replaced instead of having it repaired.


Within motor repair, FAGOR AUTOMATION offers an integral service for maintenance and repair of motors and their electronic servo system: Motorlan


Spare parts


 Original parts: all the parts and spare parts provided by FAGOR AUTOMATION are original.


 Fast delivery: FAGOR AUTOMATION usually guarantees supplying exchange and spare parts within 24 hours worldwide.



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